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The World Changes with Time: Past, Present, Future

by: Benjamin Byeon 11A


Teacher: Ms. Brayko


MGP #1: The Sun and The Moon ;Myth; Peer editor: Samuel Han

MGP #2: Questions as a Newcomer ;Philosophical Questions; Peer editor: Min Jae Lee

MGP #3: Lost in Perspective ;Vignette/Journal Entry; Peer Editor: Samuel Han

MGP #4: PSA For Saving Earth ;(public) Announcement; Peer Editor: Edward Yom

MGP #5: The Apocalypse ;Radio; Peer Editor: Edward Yom

MGP #6: Dear Earth ;Eulogy; Peer Editor: Min Jae Lee

MGP #7: Top 10 List of the Best Books of 2450 ;Top 10 List; Peer Editor: Edward Yom

MGP #8: The Obvious Things To Know of a 2145ian ;Quiz; Peer Editor: Samuel Han

MGP #9: A Day with Researcher Gu839 ;Interview; Peer Editor: Samuel Han and Andy Park

As a writer, movie director, and sometimes a poet, I create artwork in a way that is like puzzle. I want readers to know that I am a type of person who is abstract and who thinks in a different perspective. I also want readers to know that I focus more on creativity than on I well I write. Through this project, I have learned to write different types of genres. I tend to be stuck up with videos and stories than a Top 10 List and an eulogy, and I would not even think of writing a Top 10 List because I actually did not know Top 10 Lists are considered as a genre for writing. Therefore, I gained quite a lot from this project in that I got to experience and write different genres I was not exposed to. Furthermore, as a write, I have grown in that I stay concise and repeat myself less. I usually encounter problems in repeating myself and not writing precisely. I finally learned, these days, that ‘quality is over quantity’. Nowadays, I focus on accuracy of each sentence than writing several variations of the same sentences over and over again, upsetting the readers.
My creativity is usually original, and I personally believe that my works are creative, though others may feel the opposite. I do not copy other ideas, but think of new ways to approach a story. For example, I wrote a story where I describe two men (one young and the other old) at the same time. Every time I go deeper into the story, the old man turns younger and the young man ages. Throughout the story, I throw in small details that shows that the two men have similarities, like saying the young man is talented in math and having the old man be a mathematician. I also have the date and time. For the old man, the time is in the future and for the young man the time is in the past, so I write in the future tense and past tense. The dates start from opposite sides. For example, the setting for the old man’s chapter will be Friday, while the young man’s setting will be the opposite of Friday, which is Monday. In the end, the old man’s age and the young man’s age are the same, coming back to the present. Therefore, as one can see, my creativity is original and I make a story like a puzzle, where the readers have to pay attention to the details of the word to know the solution of the story (often times earlier). I take a lot of risks when writing my stories. I always try something new even though it might fail because I believe that without risking, you cannot make good ideas.
In terms of Romantic Focus, my works were centered in imagination. All of the pieces show parts of imagination. Some of them have elements of inner experience, but mostly the core is imagination.
The way the project is organized is by time, hence the title of my project, “The World Changes with Time”. Therefore, the entire project is like a timeline, with the first project having an imaginative setting at the past (creation and discovery of Earth), the second having an imaginative setting of the present (regular school day, saving Earth), and finally with an imaginative setting of the future (an Orwellian society, Alien conquest, and apocalypse).  The reason in choosing this formation is to show the change in the belief of society over time. It shows how philosophical/scientific questions are asked at the beginning of the world, followed by a thought in protecting and preserving Earth’s nature and environment, and finally the human selfish avarice where the government wants to escape only and when the external beings conquer human civilization.

MGP #1: The Sun and The Moon (Myth)
This story is takes a new tangent on how Earth was created. I made the planets be like Gods and I invented a ‘space community’, in which the Gods of Planet (Venus, Mercury, and Pluto) live. The stars become a living thing and the asteroids become the police. I made it as a myth in which people believe this is how Earth’s Ice Age happened. Pluto (known for its extreme coldness) gets jealous of God of Earth for having land and water (which Pluto does not), and makes Earth frozen. Then, the God of Sun, who loves God of Earth for being the role model of the Solar System Community, helps melt the ice and protects Earth from Pluto’s attack. And, Pluto gets exiled from the Solar System (which is true; Pluto is not part of the Solar System). This myth has elements of Greek myth

MGP #2: Questions as a Newcomer (Philosophical Questions)
The next MGP is a simple, yet thoughtful piece. It shows what kind of reaction newcomers — newcomers into Earth — would feel about Earth, and what types of questions they would ask. It is a reaction sparked by a newcomer to Earth at the beginning of human civilization.

MGP #3: Lost in Perspective (Vignette/Journal Entry)

Perhaps the most difficult, abstract piece of writing, this MGP is my favorite. Here I will decipher the puzzle. Basically, this is a dream within a dream. In this realistic first dream, the main character (anonymous) is inside a body of a human driving on a capsule. The sky is red because inside the body, blood is red. Circular things are red blood cells circulating the body. The highway symbolizes the arteries and veins and other passageways cells can move inside the body. When going to the center of the world means the heart. The heart is the center of the body. The ups and downs represent the various changes in road inside the body. The upper part of the world is the brain and nervous system, where electric sparks are passed by, thus “Sparks!”. When he encounters a war, this shows that a foreign body (bacteria) has entered the body, and the white blood cells are fighting them. A bacteria intruding implies the body he is in is sick. Thus, he coughs and his stomach shakes (about to regurgitate), thus the earthquake (the shaking of the body). So, he goes upward out of his mouth to the toilet water.  He has landed in the bathroom toilet. Then, the whirlpool is the water going down the sewage. The dark setting once going into the whirlpool, he is inside the sewage, and when light comes out, it is when he comes out to the ocean. The titanic metal vehicle is the ship (the adjective titanic relates to Titanic), and a fish eats the capsule. Then, he goes inside a fish’s body. When he hears Japanese, that implies the Japanese fishers have caught the fish. The cutting part is when the fishers slice the fish to eat it. The long sticks are the chopsticks and the black pool is the soy sauce. Then, he enters inside a person’s body. Subsequently, he wakes up from a dream in a biology class. And then, he experiences waking up again. He then finds himself in bed being sick, and he is dumbfounded. This story alludes slightly to Inception, Fantastic Voyage, Magic School Bus, and Wizard of Oz.

MGP #4: PSA For Saving Earth (public Announcement)
This MGP is a public service announcement to people in Earth telling them that the earth is in brink of getting destroyed. At the end of the PSA, there is a descriptive that tells that the government is working on plans to colonize a new planet.

MGP #5: The Apocalypse (Radio)
The next MGP is a radio broadcast and is trying tell false information. The whole meaning is that the government is trying to escape by themselves and live, while everyone else dies during the apocalypse. The government tries to limit the number of people coming to space, so there is no chaos, thus the government told the radio to lie to the people that “everything is safe and fine”. The background is like an oxymoron in that the music is calm and tranquil, while the background sounds are volcanoes, thunderstorms, and hard rain, implying the apocalypse. The coughing and hesitation implies that the host is lying. The name of the show is contradictory in that the name implies they never lie, yet they lie. The siren sound tells the host that he is late for his spaceship. Also, the last scene (when the space ship sound was heard) implies that the host has fled to outer space with the government, escaping the apocalypse.

MGP #6: Dear Earth (Eulogy)
The eulogy MGP is about a anonymous narrator writing an eulogy of Earth’s death. Earth has died due to extreme pollution and maltreatment from the people of Earth. In the eulogy, it describes how sad the narrator is in his new ‘home’ (planet) and that he misses Earth (like the soil and environment with animals and plants). He juxtaposes his new home and old home (Earth). He criticizes how bad people treated Earth.

MGP #7: Top 10 List of the Best Books of 2450 (Top 10 List)
The Top 10 Lists alludes to several books, movies, authors, and famous figures. The cooking book is written by Marie-Antoine Carême 4qwDFlk:v, and Marie-Antoine Carême was a famous chef. Human Story alludes to Toy Story, and Morgun Spoilluck alludes to Morgan Spurlock, who directed SuperSize Me. The overall book titles and topics relate to the future of human civilization when aliens conquered humans. That is why there are books in taming humans.

MGP #8: The Obvious Things To Know of a 2145ian (Quiz)
This quiz is a futuristic test that quizzes on if the citizens have the right to live in the world, where it is a Orwellian Society. Depending on what grade someone gets, the punishment differs. I predicted that the future society will have a quiz like this and depending on the quiz, the person’s fate depends. It tests if the people living in this society have the right to live because the fourteen questions are ‘Must Know Questions’. I alluded to George Orwell’s “1984” (for the Room 101) and Audley Huxley’s “Brave New World” (for soma).

MGP #9: A Day with Researcher Gu839  (Interview)
The last and final MGP is about a written interview about an alien interviewing an alien researcher that went to Earth to find out how Earth is, and finds a useful element (UUu) that the aliens need. Basically, this is about how aliens are exploring Earth, like when humans tried to explore the outer space and alien. Also, the written interview has terrible English from the researcher because he is apparently speaking a foreign language. He also describes the conditions in Earth (how it is polluted and intoxicated). The researchers also tells the artifacts he found. Basically, he is a historian and archaeologist.

These are the nine MGP’s and hope you enjoy!

The Sun and The Moon

Before time, before human civilization, and before life, Earth was once covered with think blankets of ice. Cold and empty, Earth had no sign of land. Everything was white. Nothing was green. What happened?

One day, at dawn, the God of Earth and the God of Pluto fought with each other. There was a clash among the gods. The God Pluto got very angry and jealous, as the God of Sol always liked the God of Earth and gave him sunlight. Living in dark, frigid conditions, the God of Pluto could no longer survive, and devised a plan. He decided put the God of Earth in a situation where he becomes the scapegoat.

While the God of Earth was going on his road on the Highway Solar System, the God of Pluto deliberately changed the track of his road and made it go to the direction of the God of Mars, where the God of Mars and Venus were having a lovely date. The God of Earth bumped into the two and a debate was heating up. Happy and cheerful, the God of Pluto suddenly came over and said that the God of Earth bumped into the two on purpose to distract the relation; the God of Pluto also brought Asteroid Polices. Dumbfounded, the God of Earth got into court, but the jury was the God of Sol. The God of Sol knew that the God of Earth would not do such a thing and let him go. Instead, the God of Sol made the God of Pluto in trouble for devising such plan. The God of Sol knew everything.

That night, the God of Pluto got very upset and blew a cold breeze at the God of Earth and Earth quickly became like a bigger Pluto. The God of Pluto got excited; however, for such wrong doing the God of Sol exiled him out to the other part of the galaxy, hence not part of the Solar System Community (SSC) and far away from everyone else.

But how did such Ice Age go away?

The God of Sol came near to the God of Earth to help. He used his hot flames to melt the ice, but it was no use. Then, the God of Sol went closer, and then the ice slowly melted. After a long time, Earth was finding its form again. The God of Earth almost exploded, and to prevent further attacks from the God of Pluto, the God of Sol stayed closer to him everyday (hence, everyday we have the sun), and created a Moon Guard to protect any attacks.

The God of Sol knew it was the right time to send God over to Earth in order to create human beings, nature, animals, land, and many other things. That was the beginning of nature civilization.

It is still said today, that the God of Sol still protects the God of Earth at daylight and Moon Guard at night from the God of Pluto.

Questions as a Newcomer

1.Where did all the water come from in the first place?
2.Why was Earth created?
3.Could human civilization possibly differ if people were in a different location?
4.What happens when you reach death?
5.Is there an afterlife?
6.For what purpose am I here?
7.Are we destined to do something?
8.What is the true meaning of education?

Lost in Perspective

The sky was pure red. Circular things were flying above me. Here I am in a capsule moving down the empty high way. I come across many roads, but which one should I go? I decided to choose the one that goes to the center of world. The center is the most important thing to exist in order make the world function. It is like a pump. After going through all the various ups and downs along the loops, I reached the upper part of the world. Sparks! Now I am in the place in the world where there are many lines that send electric sparks to each other. I felt vulnerable to be electrified. I thought quick to go back down. While going back, I encountered a war. There were white warriors and an awkward shaped warrior fighting each other. Driving quick, I made it past the deadly war. Suddenly, the road was shaking. Was it an earthquake? I was blasted upwards. It seemed as if gravity has disseminated, and I was pulled upwards by a mysterious, invisible force — a force not mentioned in physics. Is it supernatural? Coming upwards, I saw a dim, rather bright, speck of light. The closer I got, the brighter it got. Then, I landed on an ocean and above me there was no sky. Instead, I saw something that resembled part of a house and there was a sink and tub, though a hundred times larger. Just before I stood up to take a look at the new place, the ocean suddenly moved. My capsule was flipped, and I noticed there was a whirlpool. I was sucked into this hole and  the place got dark again. I saw mice that got a thousand times bigger and the current of the water was unbelievably strong. My capsule malfunctioned and I no choice but to rely on destiny. Then, there was light again, and once I came out, in front of me was a vast land of water. Behind were gigantic buildings and besides me in the water was a titanic metal vehicle passing by. Then, I felt something coming by. At far distant was an animal coming towards me with vicious teeth and huge body. Once it approached me, everything turned black. It was a black out. Then, I felt going downwards, as if gravity was pulling me down this time. I arrived to a similar place I was before, with the red sky. After a month living here at my usual habitat, the whole world was pulled up. I heard noises — a loud noise that sounded like Japanese. Then, I felt the world being carried by someone. It was then, when I saw the world being cut into pieces by a knife that got ten thousand times bigger. I was freaking out and I was exposed to space (except it was sky blue instead of black). Then, I thought I died when two long sticks suddenly approached the small land mass I was on. I was dipped into this smelly black pool and lifted upwards. Then, the sky turned black again. Gravity once again pulled me back and just then, I noticed the sky turned red again. I was back at home. What a journey.

Suddenly, “Dude wake up!” is what I heard. I opened my eyes, and I was in a biology class, where the teacher was lecturing about the human body. But something in me felt that it was no dream. If it was a dream, it was too real to be one. I was dumbfounded, confused, and lost in my own thoughts and dreams. I looked at my watch. Time was not moving and the sky was red. I looked at the teacher, and he had three arms! Just then, I woke up. The birds were chirping and my mother was next to me. Scared to do anything, I slowly closed my eyes and opened them again. Nothing changed. My mother told me, “Son, you didn’t sleep yesterday at all. You were doing your MGP all night. You should sleep more. You only slept five minutes.”. Five minutes? I was shocked. I could not believe that I only dreamt for five minutes. Where am I? In the body? In my dream? In reality? But I was quite sure this time I was in reality, the present. At least, I hoped.